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Darién - Comarca Emberá Region

Darién is a province of the Republic of Panama. It has an area of 11,896.5 km ². Located at the eastern end of the country and is bordered to the north by the Province of Panama and the Comarca of Kuna Yala. To the south it borders the Pacific Ocean and the Republic of Colombia. To the east is bordered by the Republic of Colombia, and west borders the Pacific Ocean and the Province of Panama.

Darién Province is formed at its center by an undulating plateau. It has two large rivers  Chucunaque and Tuira. The province is inhabited mainly by black,  Chocoan Colombian , indigenous and settlers from other areas of Panama.

The Emberá-Wounaan are an Amerindian village in eastern Panama, largely influenced the culture of this province. They are an indigenous region, established in 1983 located in the province of Darién, specifically in the Districts  Chepigana and Pinogana. Its capital is Unión Choco. Its area covers 4383.5 km ². They are characterized by their crafts already recognized worldwide.

Types of crafts  Darién

  • Tallado en Madera Cocobolo
  • Figuras de Tagua
  • Tejido en Fibra (Cestas de Chunga)

Natural Dyes

They get the colors and natural dyes, extracted from the plants used in dyeing, la mora (Chlorophora tinctorea), el macano (Diphysa robinoides), añil silvestre (Indigofera sp.), mangle rojo (Rhizophora mangle), Arrabbidaea chica, and others like jagua (Genipa americana); achiote (Bixa orellana); and eye deer (Mucuna sp.), used by indigenous groups to the body color.

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